Stream The Latest Seasons Of The Traitors UK And US Now On 10 Play!

Faithful fans of the The Traitors franchise can rejoice as Season 2 of The Traitors UK and fast-tracked episodes of The Traitors US are now available to stream on 10 Play.

After taking the world by storm, two brand new seasons of The Traitors have been added to 10 Play for your binging pleasure.

For the uninitiated, The Traitors is a most devious game that sees contestants living in a lush mansion, everyone begins the game as a Faithful, but on the first night, a handful are selected as the Traitors.

The Faithfuls' mission is simple, find the Traitors, come together during a Banishment ceremony and vote them out before it’s too late. But each night the Traitors have the opportunity to whittle down the numbers and murder a Faithful. Along the way, there are twists and turns, and with suspicions running high even the most innocent comment can throw anyone into hot water. 

After a successful premiere season that featured a cast of half celebs, The Traitors US returned for its second season, turning up the drama with a cast fully stacked with familiar faces.

Hosted by the iconic Alan Cumming, Season 2 brings together celebrities from across the entertainment field. Professional sports personalities, Real Housewives, Survivor all-stars, and even politicians joined together to see who could survive the most deadly game.

Meanwhile, the UK version of the series hosted by the impeccable Claudia Winkleman sees 22 everyday contestants fight their way through Banishment ceremonies, and brutal backstabbings and midnight murders.

The second season also has a secret mother and son hiding within the contestants, adding to the excitement that they could be betraying one another and hiding in plain sight as a Traitor.

Every episode of Traitors UK season 2 is available now. Episodes 1-6 of The Traitors US are available now, with new episodes fast-tracked from the US to 10 Play 6.30 Fridays.

Or join a handful of other full seasons of the global franchise available to binge on 10 Play, including both seasons of The Traitors Australia and the first season of The Traitors NZ!