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You Can Now Rent Bluey’s Actual House For Your Next Holiday

Kids (and parents alike) all love Bluey, but did you know her home has been recreated in the 'real world' right here in Brisbane?

Her iconic home has been recreated and listed on the popular holiday rental site, Airbnb, for families to stay at. It was made in partnership with the BBC and Airbnb.

Fans of the show will notice many details from Bluey's world in the house, from the red letterbox, bone-adorned chimney and iconic bay window.

The home's backyard features a BBQ, kids'-sized trampoline, Grannies' car, custom toadstool seats and bespoke dog garden gnomes.

The kitchen is stocked with yummy treats, including Magic Asparagus, plenty of fruit (Bluey's favourite!) and Bandit's famous duck cake.

In addition to staying in the real-life Bluey world, visitors will also receive a studio tour and more for just $20.

The home becomes available to book on February 15 via AirBnb.