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The New Melting Face Emoji Is Melting Our Hearts

The Melting Face Perfectly Sums Up Life in 2021

Have you been sitting on your phone desperate for an emoji that perfectly captures how you feel at this exact moment in 2021? Maybe you’ve wanted to message a pal a little yellow face that sums up that feeling of ‘Oh god is the world still going’. Or maybe you want to hit up your family group chat with an emoji that nails that feeling of ‘I cannot be bothered leaving my room today’. Don’t worry, Melting Face emoji is here for you. 

Every year the Unicode Cosortium, who are somehow not the name of a villainous organisation from Captain Planet, approve new emojis. This year they’ve given the green light to 37 new emojis but only one of those emojis stands head and melty shoulders above the rest. 

Nobody cares about the too sexy for its own good Biting Lip emoji or the Mirrored Disco Ball even though they’re both new to the scene. Sure, the Saluting Face emoji is pretty fun, and you could send it back any time somebody asks you to complete a minor. The one everybody is currently fawning over is the Melting Face emoji. 

It’s the classic yellow smiley face but he is slowly melting, in much the same we all have after eighteen months of lockdowns and pandemic news and growing climate concerns and random earthquakes in places that don’t usually have earthquakes. Smiling whilst slowly melting into the floor, that emoji perfectly captures the feeling of another night on the couch watching Netflix after a day of reading news updates. 

Sorry new emojis, we don’t care about your Troll emoji or your Coral emoji and we especially don’t care about the new Pouring Liquid emoji, unless the liquid you’re pouring is the melty part of the new Melting Face emoji. There’s a Melting Face emoji now and it’s sure to be a staple for all of us in these trying times.