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Passenger Discovers The One Word You Shouldn’t Say On A Cruise Is ‘Titanic’

In an incredibly awkward moment, one Ultimate World Cruise passenger learned the hard way that you should not say the word ‘Titanic’ when on a cruise.

TikToker Marc Sebastian has been documenting his rollercoaster of an experience on the infamous 9-month-long Royal Caribbean Ultimate World Cruise.

In a viral video, garnering over 5.1 million views, he shared a list of things he learned while cruising for 18 nights and the number one thing he learned the hard way was that you should never say the word ‘Titanic’ on a cruise.

“You’re not supposed to talk about the Titanic. Who knew that? I didn’t,” he said.

“I brought up to an entire room of people having lunch that our ship was only 100 feet longer than Titanic,” he shared. “When I tell you that — utensils dropped, waiters gasped, it’s dead silent.”

He then explains that a fellow passenger whispered to him that he shouldn’t speak about that.

“Well, it wasn’t like that was in the f**king handbook. Not that I read the handbook, clearly,” he said.

He also added that cruise ships have godmothers and that Whoopi Goldberg was the godmother of the cruise ship he was aboard.

He referred to the ship as a “floating retirement home with a Cheesecake Factory attached.”

“Whoopi, girl, you and I gotta talk because I have to let you know what’s going on on this ship. As an EGOT winner, I just don’t feel like this is the right ship for you.”

@marcsebastianf someone get whoopi on the line girl i have some goss for her #ultimateworldcruise #worldcruise #serenadeoftheseas #cruisetok #cruise #9monthcruise #titanic ♬ original sound - Marc Sebastian

Stories aboard the World Cruise have been going viral on TikTok, with many claiming that there is enough content for a reality show.

The Ultimate World Cruise is said to stop on all continents and see 11 world wonders and over 60 countries with over 150 destinations.

Aussie comedian Christian Hull is set to go onboard the Serenade of the Seas for the Australasia leg. This comes after he religiously followed the World Cruise TikTok drama and was encouraged by a fellow Aussie creator, Chrissy.

The Australasia leg docks in Brisbane and will set sail to Airlie Beach, Cairns, Lombok, Bali, Manila and Hong Kong.