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Millionaire Dog Gunther VI Sells Miami Mansion

The House Was Initially Bought By His Grandfather, Also A Dog, From Madonna, A Human

Ever get down in the dumps about the idea of owning a home? Does it seem far off? Does it seem like the sort of dream that you might never achieve? Maybe you own a home and dream of owning a mansion and know that it probably won’t happen. Well, get ready to feel even worse about that situation because a millionaire dog is selling a mansion it’s dog family has owned for twenty human years.

Gunther VI is a German shepherd inherited his vast fortune, obviously; dogs don’t tend to have the ability to create their own wealth. Rich dogs always come from generational wealth. So don’t worry, Gunther VI didn’t buy the house. No, his grandfather, Gunther IV (also a dog) bought this house that used to belong to Madonna.

The villa is in Miami and was put on sale for an incredible $31.75 million. An amount so astronomical you have to wonder if this dog is even able to comprehend how much money that is. Gunther IV bought the house from Madonna for $7.5 million so these dogs that have money now have even more money than they did before. If Airbud was able to play basketball alongside humans it makes perfect sense that the Gunthers can get into the real estate business. Although, Airbud was a fictional dog, and the Gunthers are very real dogs that have very real money.

Are you trying to figure out where these German shepherds got this money in the first place? Well, that’s simple. Gunther II inherited a multimillion-dollar trust from their old owner, a German countess named Karlotta Liebenstein who must have loved dogs and possibly hated humans.

A group of human handlers have taken care of this family of dogs ever since then. The dogs are well taken care of. They dine in fancy restaurants, they fly on private planes and they travel all around the world. So, next time you’re stressed about whether you can actually afford the UberEats you’re about to order, just remember there is an incredibly rich dog out there in the world celebrating the sale of a multi-million dollar estate with a trip to a fancy restaurant.