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How Do You Pronounce Cucumber? Probably Not Like This

TikTok is a melting pot for people divulging their strange thoughts and quirks, and this woman has baffled everyone with her pronunciation of ‘cucumber’.

Unlike words like ‘Aluminium’, where the pronunciation differs depending on whether you’re American, Australian or British, cucumber is a pretty definitive word to pronounce, or so we thought. 

In a clip that’s been viewed over 577,000 times, Emma revealed she was “today years old” when she realised she said the word for the vegetable wrong.

So how does she pronounce it? 


But, there was a method to her madness, as she explained: “I think it makes more sense than the way you’re supposed to pronounce it, which is ‘cu-Cumber’.

“Because the word has c-u, c-u, so surely both times you pronounce c-u it should sound the same.”

She went on, reasoning that the second C in the word should be a K because it’s a harder sound.

However, unfortunately for Emma, not one person in her comments section agreed with her bizarre pronunciation.