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Historic Bridge To Be Dismantled So Jeff Bezos’ Yacht Can Pass Through

The Bridge In Rotterdam Will Be Taken Down And Put Back Up By The Billionaire

There’s a historic bridge in the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands that has been there since 1927. It’s called the Koningshaven Bridge and the city has agreed to take it apart because billionaire Jeff Bezos has a yacht that’s too big to pass underneath it.

Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world and with the Dutch company Oceano he has been building a $500 million yacht because that is what you do when you have more money than you can ever possibly use. You build big things so you can point to them and say “Check out the size of that, how much do you reckon it set me back?”

The yacht is being constructed in the town of Alblasserdam, which sounds like the sort of noise you’d make if you hurt yourself whilst constructing a massive yacht. It will be called the Y721 and according to Boat International it is the largest sailing yacht ever constructed. How big is it? Imagine the size of Jeff Bezos’ ego. Double it. Yeah, it’s that huge.

In order to get from where it’s being built to the sea it needs to pass through the city of Rotterdam and that means it has to pass under Koningshaven Bridge. Unfortunately, when they built the railway bridge back in the 1920s they didn’t think about how in the future there would be a space travelling billionaire with a big boat that would need to get under it.

The bridge is a national monument and after undergoing restoration works that ended in 2017 the city said it would not be dismantled again. The city obviously forgot about how if there is an incredibly rich person nearby they can just do whatever they want. Don’t worry, the city won’t be footing the bill, Oceano and Bezos will pay to dismantle the bridge and put it back together, but as they are spending $500 million on a big boat they probably have plenty of bridge-rebuilding money lying around.