Flight Attendant Shares Why You Should Never Take Your Shoes Off Whilst On A Plane

A flight attendant has revealed the foul reason you should never go barefoot on an aeroplane.

Talking to UK travel agency Ocean Florida, the flight attendant shared her most hated habit.

"My most hated habit is when passengers get their bare feet out on the plane," they said. 

"Not only is it unpleasant for other travellers and attendants nearby but it’s also extremely unhygienic."

"While cabins are cleaned before every flight, there's rarely enough time to disinfect and deep clean floors and bathrooms. We'd never advise moving throughout the aircraft barefoot or just wearing socks - you never know what you might be walking on - especially in the bathroom."

A survey conducted by Ocean Florida showed that 44 per cent of Brits believe taking off your shoes on a plane is a major red flag. 

Marketing Manager at Ocean Florida, Abby Dunn, said that the best way to achieve maximum comfort without getting the dogs out is to bring slippers. 

 "The best thing you can do to ensure maximum comfort and cleanliness while on long-haul journeys is to bring a pair of slippers which can be worn during the flight. You can even keep these to wear around your hotel or holiday villa while away, as well as on your return flight home."

The flight attendant added that anyone clipping or painting their nails is also a massive no no whilst on a plane, as well as talking during the flight safety demonstration.