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Bumble Tells Its Employees to Buzz Off

The dating app Bumble has granted its employees a week off

Turns out that it’s not just those of us using dating apps that are feeling burned out. It’s also those working for dating apps!

The employees at the women-led Bumble dating app are apparently feeling mentally fatigued. With more than 700 staff around the world, the company has decided to close all their offices and give their workers a paid, fully offline week.

The pandemic has really taken its toll on people’s mental health, so Bumble has decided to end that cycle of burnout. And to be honest, it’s just nice to hear about a dating app that’s associated with a burn that’s not STD-related.

Bumble is known for its open-minded approach to work, with employees able to choose their own hours, and mums having the option to breastfeed at the “lactation station.” It’s all thanks to their CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd who says that it’s her mission to make the internet a “kinder” place.

The only problem is if you’re currently using the app and you want to file a customer complaint about some creep. Who’s going to respond? Well, unless that tech employee is also a single bachelor/bachelorette on the app and you match with them.

Bumble has had a massive year, with a stock market debut and their number of paid users jumping by 30 percent. So looks like the pandemic really boosted the popularity of dating apps, and not just takeaway fried chicken. The economy has clearly been carried on the backs of lonely single people. So on behalf of lonely single people- ‘You’re welcome, world!’

Is it time for other companies to take a leaf from the Bumble book? Probably! Except for Deliveroo. We need them.