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Adidas Sports Bra Adverts Banned For Depicting Nude Breasts

The UK Advertising Standards Agency banned Adidas adverts that depict nudity, stating they would cause "widespread offence"

Adidas released a series of adverts for their sports bra range, which depicted various nude breasts. 

The sports brand stated that the adverts were intended to illustrate how "diverse breasts are" and thus how important the correct sports bra is. 

Adidas had released 43 different styles of their sports bra, claiming it would ensure the consumer could find the right fit for their body shape. 

The advertisements were shown in a variety of formats such as digital marketing, website banners and "out of home" posters. 

Two posters showed cropped images of 62 and 64 women, and stated: "The reasons we didn't make just one new sports bra." as it displayed the diversity of the women's bodies. 

So why was it banned?

The UK advertising watchdog, Advertising Standards Agency, (ASA) received 24 complaints that the advert's use of nudity was gratuitous and objectified women by sexualising them and "reducing them to body parts".

Twitter also said the post had been reported by some users but was not found to be in breach of its terms of service.

The ASA said it did not think the way the women were portrayed in the tweet was sexually explicit or objectified them, however, it did find that the explicit nudity in the tweet required targeting to avoid offence. 

A spokesperson for Adidas UK said it stood proudly behind the message, which it continued to display on its website.