The Bachelor Recap: Episode 3, Season 4

The Bachelorettes were left shaken and stirred as their mission to waltz off into the sunset with Richie reached the end of its second week.

The Bachelorettes are abuzz as Osher disengages stealth mode and emerges from the shadows bearing a date card.

the bachelor australia season 4 episode 4

This one, he promises, will leave the recipient both shaken and stirred...

Faith gets the single date, raising her arms aloft to the cheers of (nearly all) of her peers.

The sun is out for solo date day, and Faith luminously waits on a marina dock for her man’s arrival.

Enter Strahan, Richie Strahan, license to thrill, and differentiate speedboat from yacht.

the bachelor australia season 4 episode 4

Richie propels Faith away, on a mission to assess their relationship potential. 

Mooring up on an island retreat, a blur of bottles and shakers introduces them to Dennis, the cocktail slinger with moves so smooth he’s in danger of stealing 00Strahan’s thunder.

the bachelor australia season 4 episode 4

Back at the mansion, all eyes are on Keira as the group date names are revealed. The presence of hers means she’s probably stuck with her recently acquired nickname for a while yet.

the bachelor australia season 4 episode 4

Richie and Faith retire to the pool for a little competitive frolicking.

the bachelor australia season 4 episode 4

Perhaps misunderstanding the rules of this particular game, Faith sets about dunking her opponent instead of the ball.

the bachelor australia season 4 episode 4

Win, lose or drown, Faith certainly makes an impression, and after recovering some precious air into his lungs and professing his like for her, Richie initiates mouth to mouth.

the bachelor australia season 4 episode 4

Returning rose in hand, Faith faces the Bachelorette inquisition. “When did you get the rose, before or after… the kiss?” asks Rachael, clearly enamoured with her cheeky line of questioning.

the bachelor australia season 4 episode 4

The group date is revealed: the Bachelorettes will be tripping the light fantastic. A concerned Noni has issues to twerk out if she wants to sweep Richie off his feet.

The Bachelorettes’ efforts are neither dirty dancing, nor strictly ballroom. Eliza feels like Sleeping Beauty. Olena's technique is what Keira describes in dance parlance as “unco.” And Georgia attempts to channel an “elegant swan”.

But Richie’s after something deliciously different, and it’s Keira who licks her lips and brings the fire.

the bachelor australia season 4 episode 4
“Did you see that performance?” - Keira

Group date groupie turns belle of the ball, but leaves Bachelorettes reeling with the parting admission: “I’m a little bit annoyed because that means I don’t get a single date.” Boom.

Decked out in a dress straight from a fairy tale, Keira’s evening scores high in the dream date stakes. 

the bachelor australia season 4 episode 4

“There’s nothing that can change the way that I feel,” she says dreamily afterwards, unaware of how quickly an Eliza bomb can destroy a post-date glow, who chooses the moment to address Keira’s earlier single date bemoaning.

the bachelor australia season 4 episode 4

Palms are perspiring at the Cocktail Party. With the etiquette police still breathing down her neck, Alex is unsure whether to use the White Rose.

Eliza attempts an apology for her earlier actions, but Keira once again questions her timing. “When I’m not ready, I won’t be ready, and I’m not ready,” she says, leaving Bachelorettes none the wiser.

The Rose Ceremony is a tense affair. Except for Faith and Keira, who appear to be enjoying themselves immensely.

the bachelor australia season 4 episode 4

Certainly more than Alex, who continues to wonder if she made a mistake by not playing her trump card. “Where was that White Rose tonight?”, Richie later confirms the error, softening the blow by asking her to accept one of the red variety. 

Sophie and Marja are sadly left wanting, bidding the Bachelorettes goodbye and wishing Richie good luck.

Coming up next week… A sizzling solo date, baby love, and head-spinning revelations.

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