The Bachelor Australia 2021: Meet The Final Three Bachelorettes

As Jimmy’s journey to find The One comes closer to an end, just three Bachelorettes remain in the race for his heart.

They’ve been through countless Rose Ceremonies, dramatic group dates and the occasional face-reading session, but with just a few days to go before Jimmy makes his final decision, here’s a look back at Holly, Brooke and Jay’s time in the Mansion.


After making quite the impression on Jimmy with her Sri Lankan love cake on the red carpet, Brooke received the very first single date of the season. The pair took things to new heights (literally) as Jimmy showed off his piloting skills and took Brooke for a flight.

When Brooke’s grandfather sadly passed away during the season she made the decision to leave the Mansion, however, she and Jimmy continued to stay in touch with the Bachie checking up on her throughout her time away.

Making a surprise return to the Mansion, Brooke also scored the very last single date of the season. Throughout the whole process, Jimmy has been very vocal about his connection with Brooke, but recently the difficulties of his work schedule and the idea of a long-distance relationship have caused both to wonder if a relationship could really work out in the real world.


When Holly first met Jimmy she joked that she got the first single date by taking him off the red carpet and sitting down for a wine and a chat. The move must have worked because for her first actual single date Jimmy introduced Holly to one of the most important women in his life: Billie the dog.

Holly was the first Bachelorette to receive a second single date this season, and her time with Jimmy has always seemed effortless. That effortlessness hit a snag when, during a family visit from Jimmy’s sister and cousin, a few Bachelorettes called Holly’s intentions into question.

While it caught Jimmy off-guard, after chatting with Holly the two seemed to iron things out pretty quickly and got right back on track.


Jay definitely impressed Jimmy with her moves on the first night — and we do mean chess moves. While it wasn’t an episode of The Queen’s Gambit, Jay’s game won Jimmy over and scored her the key to the business lounge, giving her a distinct advantage over the other Bachelorettes at every Cocktail Party.

Despite seeming to have one of the strongest connections with Jimmy, several rumours have crept up on her, making Jimmy doubt if Jay’s intentions are truly to find a relationship or if she’s looking for something else in the house.

Though his doubts have been hounding him for the last few weeks, it’s clear that Jay has a special place in Jimmy’s heart, so will she be the one standing with him at the end?

We can’t wait to see where Jimmy’s search for love takes him next.

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