The Bachelor Australia 2021: Meet The Bachelorettes Vying For Jimmy's Heart

Meet your Bachelorettes for 2021, Australia!

Annabelle, 28, Medical Equipment Installer, NSW

Expressive, outgoing, and honest, Annabelle loves being active in nature and exploring new places. Quick to fill silence in a conversation, the 28-year-old loves to gossip and get all the juicy details. Annabelle’s friends describe her as authentic and quirky, with nothing making her happier than sharing amazing experiences with friends.

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Ash, 34, Dance Teacher, Queensland

Spontaneous and with a zest for life, Ash has returned home after living abroad. Currently living her dream of owning her own online dance company, this energetic social butterfly loves to travel, enjoys staying fit and is passionate about helping other people achieve their goals in life.

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Ashleigh, 28, Speech Pathologist, Victoria

Positive and optimistic, Ashleigh is easily excited, full of high energy and describes herself as the ‘bubbliest, most enthusiastic freckle’. The Speech Pathologist’s parents have been together for over 30 years and have taught her that commitment takes work.

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Belinda, 29, Criminal Lawyer, Queensland

Self-proclaimed ‘Cyclone Belinda’ leaves a trail of drama and destruction wherever she goes. Her family describe her as assertive, blunt, ambitious, brave and the loudest in the room. The 29-year-old believes her parents have the true love story and sees their love as relationship goals.

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Brooke, 27, Occupational Therapist, Victoria

Happy-go-lucky Brooke is a spirited animal lover who has two beautiful chocolate brown Spoodles. Her friends say she has a magnetic energy with an addiction to being active. The Occupational Therapist strives to encourage others to get moving too whether it’s HIIT, Pilates or team sports.

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Carlie, 33, Corporate Lawyer, Victoria

Generous and always keen to help out where she can, Carlie believes her cup is already full with a gifted and happy life, but would love to fill it further with a loving partner and family of her own.

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Chanel, 34, Flight Manager, NSW

Larger-than-life Chanel has lived a nomadic lifestyle, travelling the world to gain new experiences. Having never been in love, she is now focused on looking for it.

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Elena, 33, Personal Trainer, NSW

Brutally honest, loud and with a lot of energy, Elena is known for speaking her mind. The Personal Trainer is not interested in falling for a guy for his looks, as in the past they have usually come with bad personalities.

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Hannah, 26, Registered Nurse, NSW

Always up for a laugh, passionate traveller Hannah loves adventure and can’t wait to start exploring the world again. The Registered Nurse has a big heart and always puts her family and friends first.

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Holly, 27, Marketing Manager, NSW

Outgoing Holly is the glue that holds her friends and family together. While some people are intimidated by her confidence, the Marketing Manager says she is like a Caramello Koala – gooey on the inside.

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Jacinta, 29, Executive Recruiter, Victoria

Down-to-earth tomboy Jacinta thrives off other people’s happiness and feeling like she has made a difference to someone’s day. Family is important to the 29-year-old, and she is looking for a partner so she can stop third wheeling with her younger sister and her husband.

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Jay, 31, Nutritionist, NSW

Fun, down-to-earth and with a sneaky competitive streak, Jay is a qualified nutritionist who once played professional netball for Fiji. The former Miss India - Wellington, New Zealand played every sport in school and loves getting out and being adventurous.

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Laura, 28, Speech Pathologist, South Australia

Passionate animal lover Laura has a loudness and enthusiasm about everything that she does. The vegetarian eco warrior loves The Lord Of The Rings, sometimes has a crude sense of humour and finds arrogance and ignorance a turn off in a partner.

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Lauren, 29, Office Administrator, South Australia

Life of the party Lauren may have a tough exterior, but at heart she is a real softie. Passionate about early modern European history, the 29-year-old finds happiness in small acts of kindness and while she can sometimes come off abrasive due to her intensity, she is loyal to a fault.

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Lily, 23, Crane Operator, Victoria

Ambitious with a big personality, Lily has a lot of love to give but is a hard girl to crack. Being valued and appreciated means the world to the crane operator who goes from 0-100, real quick.

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Madison, 24, Marketing Coordinator, Victoria

Cute, confident, and flirty, Madison is passionate about musical theatre, baking and the Marie Kondo folding effect. Close with her grandparents who taught her the importance of making time to prioritise family, the 24-year-old sometimes embellishes the truth for dramatic effect when telling a story.

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Rebekah, 27, Youth Support Worker, NSW

Quirky and exuberant with high energy, Rebekah is the kind of person that people gravitate towards. Not a fan of judgemental people, the 27-year-old loves a gossip and admits that secrets aren’t safe with her.

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Sierah, 28, Technical Analyst, Victoria

Self-proclaimed larrikin, Sierah sees herself as an alpha female who loves watching UFC. The 28-year-old describes herself as a human Ferrero Rocher – hard on the outside, soft and a bit nutty on the inside.

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Stephanie, 27, Business Development Manager, Western Australia

Outgoing and sarcastic, Stephanie is not one to beat around the bush. The 27-year-old has a dry sense of humour and if she likes you, you will know. An avid gamer who live streams herself playing, Stephanie’s friends label her ‘every guys dream girl’.

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Stevie, 29, Hair Stylist, Queensland

Stevie is a creative and jolly lady who loves everything life has to offer. Determined and ambitious, her Nan describes her as a vibrant ‘sexy chicken’ and an amazing cook.

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Tahnee, 27, Corporate Travel Manager, Victoria

Fiercely loyal, generous and fiery, Tahnee is passionate about travel. The Corporate Travel Manager is confident, good at reading people, giving logical advice and never shy to steal the attention.

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Tamlyn, 25, Customer Service Officer, NSW

Fun, vibrant and confident, Tamlyn doesn’t take life too seriously. The 25-year-old is an open book with no filter, so you always know what she is thinking. Originally from South Africa, Tamlyn is an extrovert who is passionate about fitness.

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Tatum 26, Company Director, Queensland

Loud wild child Tatum believes in the law of attraction and that everything in life happens the way it’s meant to. The opinionated and super confident Company Director is living a life she has designed, and that freedom and flexibility makes her happy. Will she manifest Jimmy to be her one true love?

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