The Bachelor 2015: Who Did Sam Wood Choose?

He always said he’d follow his heart, and it led him to…. Snezana. In a moment every bit as beautiful as the occasion promised, Sam Wood was finally able to declare his love. And it was perfect.

Two incredible Bachlorettes, one torn Bachelor, but in the end Sam only had eyes for one woman: Snezana. The first Bachelorette he met in the mansion, Sam was clearly fated to end up with the 34-year single mother from Perth, whose values and vivacity had The Bachelor absolutely smitten.

Of course, his choice was far from easy. Sam was also thoroughly enamoured by Lana, the 27-year-old beauty from New South Wales who’d gone from intruder to contender in the blink of a piercing blue eye.

With both of The Bachelor’s leading ladies shining during the all-important audition by his adoring family, it was left to Sam alone to make the most important decision of his life.

Arriving at the mansion first, Lana could only stand and listen as Sam, despite extolling her virtues, had to concede that his heart belonged to another. Brave but clearly heartbroken, Lana said her tearful goodbyes.

By the time Snezana made her arrival, in a gown that perfectly captured the fairytale moment, Sam clearly couldn’t wait to finally lay his feelings bare. He sealed his declaration of life-long love with a kiss, a pendant for Snezana’s daughter Eve, and a stunning diamond friendship ring for her.

A dramatic memento of a journey that for this perfect couple, is only just beginning...