The Amazing Race Grand Finale Is Here

There’s only one week left of The Amazing Race Australia and those bittersweet feels are hitting us hard.

Promising to be the best race in the world, The Amazing Race Australia has not disappointed, delivering us some of the toughest, dirtiest and scariest challenges.

And the Grand Finale is only going to get harder!

From South Korea to Africa, teams have canoed down rivers, run with camels, sipped fermented horse milk (eww) and eaten one too many bags of green rice.

With some of the most diverse teams we’ve ever seen, who exactly has made it this far and what are some of their best moments?

Tom And Tyler

Tom and Tyler have been clear front runners since the beginning, smashing out physical challenges and so far, they've come first in seven legs.

This lucky duo, who somehow avoided the horrid rice challenge by finding a coin straight away, have made the Race look easy. But we can’t say these two have always flown high.

Despite knowing it’s a race, Tom and Tyler revealed one of their biggest weaknesses early in the competition - sleeping in. But, these boys have a way of sneaking back to the front in no time.

They've been chased by an angry military officer in South Korea and fallen face-first into the water during the flyboarding challenge. And not to mention, they left Africa with a diploma in animal faeces. 

Viv And Joey

Viv and Joey may be small, but boy do they put up a fight! They've been through hard times, and in some challenges have had to work twice as hard to get by, due to their stature.

Narrowly avoiding elimination on multiple occasions, Viv and Joey are the definition of persistence and stand by the phrase “never give up”. When all seemed lost during the water bucket challenge in Leg 8, Viv pushed herself to carry an ENORMOUS bucket of water on her head all the way to Beau.

Some may call it chucking a Bradbury, others will call it hard work. But they just slithered through, making it to Beau 40 seconds before Sid and Ash’s time penalty was up.

One thing Australia loves about Viv and Joey is how adorably close their bond is. No matter how difficult the challenges are, they support each other all the way through it. Even when they both have silly moments, like when they forgot to use their calculator and instead opted to spend more time calculating water spouts in their heads. D'oh!

Tim and Rod

Tim and Rod are the ultimate duo - they’re funny, strategic, smart and SO in love with each other. In every challenge their attitude is cheery, positive and supportive. They give it their all and help each other through.

They've bounced back from every hurdle that's been thrown at them, and despite being voted by everyone to do a U-Turn in Leg 10, they completed both of them and made it to the Pit Stop in THIRD place. What an effort!

Oh, and our favourite moment was when Tim helped Rod learn a traditional dance and we all got a taste of some epic dancing tips that would rival Britney's. YASSSSS!

Jasmine and Jerome

Jasmine and Jerome have stolen the hearts of Australia with their kindness, respect and love towards not only for each other, but everyone they meet on the Race. From playing with local kids to paying their respects to the elders, the beautiful couple are proving to be great role models for their son and Aussies alike.

We think they could definitely be the dark horses of the competition as they've consistently remained in the top teams. Oh, and let's not forget that time they stole first place from Tom and Tyler in Leg 5.

They aren't playing around and this deadly duo aren't afraid to step on some toes to get to the Pit Stop first.

Who Will Win The Race? Watch The Amazing Race Australia Grand Finale, 7.30 Monday and Tuesday on 10 and 10 play