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5 Reasons We Love Beau Ryan

Former professional athlete, radio presenter, and now host of The Amazing Race Australia, Beau Ryan is known for being a true-blue Aussie larrikin and jokester. Here are five reasons we love him.

He’s An NRL Superstar

The man is footy royalty. The ‘gong-born NRL star started his professional career playing for the Wests Tigers from 2007 until 2013. He then jumped ship to the Cronulla Sharks where he played until 2014, until a neck injury resulting in his early retirement. With such an impressive sports resume under his belt, will the Racers be able keep up with him?

He’s A Massive TV Goof-Ball

Before becoming a leading host on The NRL Footy Show in 2012, a baby-faced Beau had a segment called “Beau Knows”, where he goofed around pretending to be other people like ‘DJ Yallah’ an Egyptian-Australian DJ from Bankstown, and Donnie Palmer, a Titans trainer who was obsessed with doing stretches. He also kept us LOLing by taking the piss out of his fellow footy mates, interviewing Joe Blows on the street and acting as a guinea pig for some pretty crazy social experiments.

He’s A Singer… Yeap, You Read Right!

Beau’s the gift that keeps on giving! In 2014, he released a debut single called ‘Where You From?’ with the boys from Justice Crew and it reached number 14 on the ARIA Singles Chart. Pretty impressive for a bloke with no prior singing experience. Rekon one of The Amazing Race challenges involve singing a duet with Beau? That would be totally epic.

He’s An Awesome Dad

There is nothing more attractive than a man who dotes on his children. PERIOD! Beau has two beautiful kiddies - Remi and Jesse – and while he’s a busy bee, he makes time for playing dress ups, watching movies and pretending to be an animal so the kids can ride on his back around the house. Can anyone say – ‘Dad Of The Year?’

He’s A Rebel WITH A Cause

Our man Beau is a massive advocate for mental health, and he’s a loud and proud R U OK? Day Australian Ambassador. He’s passionate about creating open conversation surrounding mental health awareness and uses his big social platform to spread the message that “it’s okay to not be okay”. It’s not hard to see why we’re already infatuated with Beau Ryan. Not convinced? Pffft, of course you are!

Catch Beau on The Amazing Race Australia, 7.30 Monday on 10 and 10 play