The Most Iconic Survivor US Moments That’ll Leave You In Shock


Whether you’ve already binged every season of Survivor US (like us), or you’re planning on starting a binge fest, you’ll soon come to realise how satisfyingly BRUTAL Americans can be in their gameplay.

There are so many shocking moments which will leave you gaping at your TV, unsure how or why someone could do that. But TBH, those savage moments are what we live for.

We’ve compiled some of the most iconic Survivor US moments that left us all shook.

An Immoral Lie – Pearl Island (Season 7)

Some things just shouldn’t be lied about – like maybe the death of a family member? This wasn’t an issue for Johnny Fairplay, who understood the game begins long before arriving on the island. During the family visit challenge, Johnny asked how his grandmother was, to which his friend revealed that Johnny’s grandmother had passed away. Johnny gave an Oscar-worthy performance of being heartbroken, winning sympathy from his fellow Survivors who then let him win the challenge. It may not be fair, but he sure is playing the game!

The Biggest Blindside – Heroes vs Villains (Season 20)

Now, this is classic! J.T. found an Idol at the Heroes tribe and saw Russell was in trouble over at the Villains tribe. Being the hero that he is, J.T. pulled an extremely risky move and handed his idol over to Russell during a challenge, with a letter attached saying “FOR YOUR EYES ONLY”. Russell being Russel showed Parvati, and once they got to merge, they ended up blindsiding J.T. WITH HIS OWN IDOL. That. Is. BRUTAL!

Battle of the Sexes – The Amazon (Season 6)

Now this is a season to watch because the ultimate battle of the sexes takes place. Women and men were pinned against each other for the first time in Survivor US history and let us tell you, the winning gender will have you SHOOK. After this season, we declare the debate is officially OVER.

WTF! No Merge? – Palau (Season 10)

For the first time ever, merge DIDN’T happen. Yes, you read that correctly. So, what does it mean when a tribe returns to camp with only ONE member? They make history, of course. Find out which Survivor was the first to be in a lonely tribe of one.

Idol Queen – Heroes vs Villains (Season 20)

Parvati’s strategic skills are up there with some of the best in the game, especially when it comes to her continuously using Idols to secure alliances. In a Tribal Council you do NOT want to miss, Parvati played two Idols at once to save two members of her tribe and completely change what merge would look like. What a ballsy move!

Once A Winner, Always A Winner? – Pearl Island (Season 7) & Heroes vs Villains (Season 20)

One lucky player made history by winning two seasons of Survivor US! Watch Pearl Island and Heroes vs Villains to see this player’s feisty, adaptable and massively strategic gameplay – it is a treat!

Crazy For Peanut Butter – The Amazon (Season 6)

What exactly would YOU be willing to do for peanut butter and chocolate? Perhaps like Jenna and Heidi, you could strip naked while standing on a pedestal. Nothing proves love as much as that.

A Terribly Bad Mistake – Heroes vs Villains (Season 20)

Boston Rob had a plan to take out Russell during Tribal Council and all Tyson needed to do was follow it. But as true Survivor US fans know, Russell is a strategic genius and has a way of talking people into doing whatever he wants. At the last minute, Tyson switched his vote to Parvati and by doing so, allowed them to vote Tyson out while Russell used his idol to save Parvati. Whoopsy.

A Mistake Which Takes Them All – Cagayan (Season 28)

Woo won the final challenge, so it was his choice who would join him in front of the jury. Kass was obviously the perfect “goat”, but Tony’s manipulative speech struck Woo’s integrity and convinced him to bring Tony. In the end, he only received one vote to Tony’s eight. That one’s gotta hurt.