Binge Watch The Best Survivor US Seasons Now

Big news Survivor fans, Australian Survivor All Stars may be coming to an end, but we have a truck load of epic Survivor US seasons for you to indulge in.  

Big news Survivor fans, Australian Survivor All Stars may be coming to an end, but we have a truck load of epic Survivor US seasons for you to indulge in so you can discover how the game we know and love started.

Not sure where to start? Look no further, check out what these seasons are all about...  

Season 7 – Pearl Island 

For the first time, straight off the plane, the Survivors are thrown in the deep end with only the clothes they're expecting to wear to a photo shoot - we’re talking Armani suits, high heel shoes, jeans, the works 

Not only that, but the Survivors are immediately sent into a local village to barter for items to use in camp. 

Who will lie, cheat and steal their way to the top and become Sole Survivor?  

Survivors to watch: SandraRupert Johnny Fairplay 

Season 8 All Stars 

The first ever season of Survivor to bring back returning players isn't for the faint-hearted. Fire is never more important than when it's the only way to access water that isn’t infested by parasites - and it isn't easy to get hold of.  

Also, the less than ideal tropical climate leaves the Survivors covered (and we mean COVERED) in bug bites and constantly soaked from the rain. 

It’s an iconic season, with iconic players and even more iconic moments. And did we mention there’s an engagement at the reunion?   

Survivors to watch: Boston Rob, ColbyAmber & Ethan

Season 13 – Cook Islands 

In the ultimate social experiment, Survivors are divided into four tribes according to racial ethnicity - American, Caucasian, Latino and African American. With interesting social interactions and incredibly strategic plays, this season will have you on the edge of your seats.  

Survivor Cook Islands features a bunch of fan favourites, many of whom went on to play future seasons as returning players.  

Survivors to watch: Parvati, OzzyYulJonathon Penner & Candice 

Season 20 - Heroes vs Villains  

After 300 Survivors have played the greatest game in the world, Jeff brings back 20 of the game’s most villainous and heroic characters. The two tribes battle it out and ultimately answer the age-old question - can good conquer evil?  

To put into perspective how competitive this season is, the first round of the first challenge results in a dislocated shoulder and a broken toe. This is a challenge that will leave you picking your jaw off the floor, and is a sign of things to come throughout the whole season 

Survivors to watch: Every single one of them 

Season 22 - Redemption Island

Two of the game’s most iconic players, Russell Hantz and “Boston” Rob Mariano, return for a season that introduces a major twist. 

After every Tribal Council, the player voted off is sent to Redemption Island to await the next player to be voted off. The two Survivors then face off in a challenge, and the winner stays on Redemption Island to continue facing off against eliminated players. At some point in the game, the last player on Redemption Island wins a spot back in the main game.  

Returning players are back with a vengeance, but will they rise or fall? 

Survivors to watch: Rob, Russell, Philip & Andrea 


Not enough Survivor for you? Stay tuned, we’ve got more seasons coming to 10 play soon enough…