Survivor South Africa And New Zealand Coming Exclusively To 10 play

Get ready to outwit, outplay, outlast and outbinge! The acclaimed Survivor SA and Survivor NZ hit 10 play this Friday, September 11.

The superfix for superfans everywhere, Survivor SA and Survivor NZ are coming to 10 play from this Friday.

Justly considered to be among the very best international editions of the global phenomenon, fans can look forward to the full seasons of Survivor SA: Philippines, Survivor SA: Island of SecretsSurvivor NZ: Nicaragua and Survivor NZ: Thailand.

10 play is the only place in Australia you’ll be able to watch these celebrated series, so grab your Buffs, choose your alliances and get ready to experience all the action, drama, taut Tribals and brutal blindsides from 9am Friday, September 11.

Watch Survivor SA and Survivor NZ from this Friday on 10 play