Survivors Ready? Watch 41 Seasons Of Survivor US Now On 10 Play

It's never been easier to watch full seasons of Survivor US on demand!

The world's favourite game has landed on 10 play, with 41 seasons of Survivor US available to watch on demand on 10 play from June 1.

Take a trip down memory lane and see where the phenomenon all began in 2000 when 16 castaways landed in Borneo. Alliances were formed, blindsides were crafted and a baby-faced Jeff Probst presided over it all.

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For over two decades, the show has evolved and created legends of the game, many of who have returned for their second shot at a massive cash prize, and the chance to be crowned Sole Survivor.

Throughout the years the show has introduced audiences to new themes like Blood vs Water, Fans vs Favourites, Heroes vs Villains, and even Winners at War. Regardless of what twists the show will throw at them, contestants push themselves to their breaking point in order to Outwit, Outplay and Outlast.

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Fans of Australian Survivor can rejoice as it has never been easier to watch seasons of the US version on demand, with Seasons 1 to 41 all available to watch from June 1. See the latest generation of the game after it returned from a COVID-induced hiatus.

Launching a 'new era', Season 41 introduced a whole bunch of new advantages, twists and pitfalls for competitors, promising to 'drop the four and keep the one', nothing is what it seems, and everything comes with a price.

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For anyone who may not know where to start, there are thousands of lists, debates and forums about which seasons are the best, which watch-order is vital and which moves, merges and blindsides are unmissable.

But with 41 seasons available to watch on demand on 10 play, why not start right at the very beginning, and experience the absolute joy of the greatest game on Earth!

Seasons 1 - 41 of Survivor US are available to watch on demand on 10 play from June 1.