Iconic Heroes And Villains From Survivor US History

As we prepare for Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains, take a look at some of the heroes and villains from Survivor US.

It’s that time again. Time to outwit, outlast and outplay in the new season of Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains. Pitting heroes against villains, this season will reveal what kind of person it takes to become Sole Survivor. But who would you pick - the reliable or the ruthless?

In preparation, drop your buffs and take a trip into the Survivor US hall of fame. Here’s some of the most iconic heroes and infamous villains from Survivor US history.


Andria ‘Dreamz’ Herd

Survivor US Season 14: Fiji

As a player with a heart-tugging backstory and true grit and determination, you would think Dreamz would be the ideal castaway. But perhaps a little too hungry for victory, he played the game too hard. Most notoriously, Dreamz struck a deal with the popular Yau-Man to grant him protection in exchange for Yau-Man's newly won Ute. Of course, in true villain fashion, Dreamz flipped on the deal to the astonishment of viewers everywhere.

Jerri Manthey

Survivor US Season 2: The Australian Outback, Survivor US Season 8: All Stars, Survivor US Season 20: Heroes vs Villains

Competing in the series’ second season, Jerri is known to for being the first true Survivor US villainess. She butted heads with her castmates in the Australian Outback and developed a turbulant relationship with Colby Donaldson. Her unpopularity worsened during All Stars, which found her being booed off at the All Stars reunion show. Returning for a third time in Heroes vs. Villains, Jerri was able to flip the script on her reputation playing with a more friendly personality as a part of the Villains tribe.

Russell Hantz

Survivor US Season 19: Samoa, Survivor US Season 20: Heroes vs. Villains, Survivor US Season 22: Redemption Island, Australian Survivor: Champions v Contenders

With his aggressive approach to the game of Survivor, Russell will go down in the Survivor history books as one of the most notorious Villains. Known for making chaos at camp and voting out his competition with ruthless abandon, he got under the skin of everyone at camp. Despite making it all the way to the final Tribal Council in his first two seasons, his unsavory gameplay and lack of social game saw him voted against by bitter juries.

Tony Vlachos

Survivor US Season 28: Cagayan, Survivor US Season 34: Game Changers, Survivor US Season 40: Winners At War

Tony Vlachos is a hero and a villain in his own right. Taking to the game of Survivor with deception as his weapon of choice, Tony did not rest. He spent his time at camp finding hidden Idols, turning on his alliances, even building huts to spy on his rival castaways. Kudos to Tony though because these tactics saw him become the second two-time winner of Survivor history taking the title in Cagayan and Winners at War. Tony is undeniably one of the strongest players in Survivor history – villain or not.


Sandra Diaz-Twine.

Survivor US Season 7: Pearl Islands, Survivor US Season 20: Heroes vs. Villains, Survivor US Season 34: Game Changers, Survivor US Season 40: Winners At War, Australian Survivor Season 7: Blood v Water, Survivor US Season 39: Island Of The Idols

The first two-time Sole Survivor, Sandra has earned her spot in the history books as a true hero and is affectionately known in the Survivor community as Queen Sandra. Entering the show in Season 7: Pearl Islands, she was initially misjudged due to her strong personality and lack of ability in physical challenges. However Sandra used her cunning wit and impeccable social skills to strategically weave her way to the Final Tribal Council and win twice. Becoming an icon for her socially-savvy gameplay, Queen Sandra even went on to play in Australian Survivor Blood v Water and  joined Island Of The Idols as a mentor.

Cirie Fields

Survivor US Season 12: Panama, Survivor US Season 16: Micronesia, Survivor US Season 20 Heroes vs Villains

Cirie is undoubtedly one of the smartest castaways in Survivor history. Combining her incredible social tact and analytical intelligence, Cirie crafted an impeccable strategic approach to the game. Using quick-thinking, she made plans to take the target off her back several times and managed to navigate her way to the final three in Micronesia. Despite her best result being third place, she is a known legend among the Survivor community with host Jeff Probst often referring to her as an inspiration.

Yul Kwon

Survivor US Season 13: Cook Islands, Survivor US Season 40: Winners At War

Yul Kwon, best known for his strategic ability, became the series’ first Asian-American Sole Survivor. With a shiny strategic resume, Yul’s biggest achievement was navigating himself and his Aitu Four alliance all the way to the final four. Sweeping the final four with his closest tribe mates, Yul came out as the Sole Survivor in a close 5-4-0 vote. His calm and calculated game play has earnt him a spot among the heroes of the game.

Rob Mariano

Survivor US Season 4: Marquesas, Survivor US Season 8: All Stars, Survivor US Season 20: Heroes vs Villains, Survivor US Season 22 Redemption Island, Survivor US Season 40: Winners At War.

Affectionately known in the Survivor world as Boston Rob, Rob became the series’ first five-time contestant racking up an incredible 152 days in the game across his 5 seasons. Throughout his time in the game, Rob racked up an impressive resume and fine-tuned his gameplay leading to an eventual win on Redemption Island. While he is considered a Survivor icon by some, others criticise him for taking four attempts to finally take home the title of Sole Survivor.

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