Ep 4 Nina and Darcy
M | Drama

Is Darcy really going to miss Nina? Watch this extra scene from episode 4 and decide.

About the Show

The new season of the much-loved family drama Offspring makes its exciting return.

In season seven Nina (Asher Keddie) has her balls in the air, juggling the complexities of her new romance with Harry (Alexander England), the needs of her increasingly curious three-year-old Zoe (Isabella Monaghan) and her escalating responsibilities at the hospital.

When Nina runs into a mentor from her time at Baltimore, Margot Lee (Danielle Carter), Margot’s success and passion for the field and research of obstetrics pushes Nina to re-evaluate. Maybe it is possible to have it all?As always, there will be romantic confusion and challenges for Nina, as she manages a whole new onslaught of unprecedented mishaps and revelations with the help of her chaotic family.

Throw in Harry’s ex from a long-term relationship and his family that will rival the Proudmans, and Nina sure does have her work cut out for her.Offspring is produced by Imogen Banks (Endemol Shine Banks) for Network 10.