Tim Kano joins Neighbours

Tim Kano joins Neighbours as Leo Tanaka

You and Takaya play twin brothers visiting Erinsborough. Have you found it easy to create a brotherly bond between yourselves?

Yes definitely. We get on really well and have built rapport outside of work. Takaya is new to Melbourne so it’s been nice showing him around and taking him out for drinks. He’s got a brother and I’ve got a sister so we both pull from our own sibling rivalries to help form our on-screen relationship.

Do you think the characters you’ve been cast as reflect well with who you and Takaya are?

I think definitely in some elements for sure… mainly the positive ones. It’s a great dynamic.

Leo is a charming yet cheeky character. How do you think Leo differs from yourself?

I wouldn’t say charming and cheeky differs too much from my own personality. There are other parts of Leo that aren’t so great. He can be so ruthless and driven to achieve that final goal without having consideration for how other people feel. That is probably the opposite to me as I am constantly making sure others are feeling good rather than burning bridges along the way.

Leo has been described as an opportunist when it comes to women. Do you think Leo will be popular amongst the women of Ramsay Street?

Maybe on another show Leo would be popular, but I think the women of Ramsay Street are very family orientated with strong morals and values and so there aren’t many characters who would enjoy what he has on offer. But that’s what creates a great dynamic and tension for Leo as a character. It’s a good reflective process to have things thrown back in his face and to be challenged. For Leo, to come to this down to earth town in Erinsborough where people call you out on your lies, it’s a great learning curve to learn there is more to life than what he was previously used to.

You are originally from New Zealand and moved to Australia a couple of years ago. Was that always the plan?

Before moving to Australia I was living overseas for a little bit so it was always going to be the plan, when returning to Australasia, to move to Melbourne. I’ve always loved it as a city. I’ve holidayed here a little and have friends here that I’ve visited before so it was familiar.

Are there any countries you’d like to move to for acting in the future?

I’d love to work in Europe. I’d like to go anywhere with a different culture and language or anything with a challenge in that sense. Being able to immerse myself in a local community and experience different walks of life would be really cool.