Remember Leo Tanaka? He’s Coming Back, And Bringing More Drama To Erinsborough

Leo is returning to our screens on Tuesday, a year-and-a-half after leaving Erinsborough for a fresh start in New York. Here’s a look back at some of his unforgettable moments.

Dating Amy Williams

If you think your dating life is a rollercoaster, spare a thought for poor Leo. He met Amy soon after he arrived in Erinsborough, and it didn’t take him long to fall head over heels for her. They kissed, they flirted, they even planned a romantic weekend away where they almost consummated their relationship. But in an explosive incestuous twist, Paul Robinson and Leo’s mother Kim busted through the door with minutes to spare to inform the couple that they were, in fact, half brother and sister.


Falling In Love With Terese Willis

After a string of failed relationships, Leo found himself falling for the older woman, aka his boss and mentor, Terese Willis. The obvious age gap was the least of their worries, as Paul was ropeable at the idea of his former flame shacking up with his son.

The relationship caused so much friction that Paul disowned Leo, evicted him from the Penthouse and fired him from Lassiters. Leo moved in with Terese and after a few months of dating decided to propose, however Terese dropped a huge bombshell about still being in love with Paul. She ended things, and Leo went on a path of self-destruction – including hooking up with Terese’s youngest daughter, Piper.

Paul and Terese got engaged months later, and despite Leo and his half-sister Elle’s elaborate efforts to sabotage their nuptials, Terese became Leo’s stepmother. Talk about a family affair!

Being Shot At By A Crazed Gunman

During Leo’s relationship with Terese, a girl from his past named Delaney Renshaw came to visit him. Leo was the police informant who helped lock up Delaney’s criminal family, and she was looking to blackmail him.

Delaney made a bunch of threats towards Terese and gave Leo an ultimatum - he was to break up with Terese and date her instead. Leo reluctantly agreed, only to keep Terese safe, however drama soon ensued.

Once Delaney’s crazy uncle Ivan Renshaw found out that Leo was a dirty snitch, he located Leo at the Waterhole and pulled a gun on him, but in a split second Terese jumped in front and took the bullet instead. Thankfully, she survived.

Walking Into A Hostage Situation At Harold’s Café

In another dramatic scene, Leo found himself face-to-face with Raymond Renshaw (Delaney’s dad), who held a bunch of customers hostage at Harold’s Café, including Elly Conway and Chloe Brennan.

Knowing he was the sole reason behind the scary siege, Leo walked into the café and admitted his role in sending the Renshaw’s to prison. He tried to get Raymond to calm down and lower the gun, but instead Raymond raised his gun into the air to shoot just as the cops came in and tackled him into the ground.

No-one else was seriously hurt, but it sure as hell made Leo rethink his involvement in a criminal family again!

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