Naomi Canning leaves Erinsborough

We sat down with Morgana O’Reilly to get the goss on her time with Neighbours and what’s ahead for Naomi.

What’s been your favourite scene to film while working on Neighbours?

It was really fun shooting the scene where Sonya slaps Naomi. Eve is such a sweetheart and she kept apologising after each take which was pretty cute. There was the time I got in a fight with Charles’s wife, I like anything that’s a bit feisty! Flustered and awkward Naomi really cracks me up! Also the scene where Naomi had to get Josh out of the backyard and her mum caught her holding him under the spa. A lot of the slapstick stuff is really fun!

How do you think Naomi’s character has evolved over time?

Well she has had a really wonderful Neighbours redemption story; she came to Erinsborough broken and with a brave face. She just thought she needed financial security and help but she needed family and she needed her mum. She found genuine friendships and loyalties along with her own life and her own career. She’s been able to take that awesome strength away with her in her heart.

How do you think Paul will cope without Naomi?

Look he’ll be classic Paul Robinson and pick himself up in some questionable way, but hopefully he has a really sad patch and misses her greatly. I also hope he’ll question some things about his life and his personality, but I’m sure he’ll forget about the changes he vows to make and carry on in his Paul Robinson way in the end.


What’s in store for Naomi as she starts her new career?

Hopefully a real sense of self and independence that she hasn’t had before. She’s working in her dream job where she gets to be the boss and not the assistant! Hopefully she just lives the life she’s always wanted and was expecting to get through a man but has achieved herself.

Who have you enjoyed working with on set the most?

Well the Canning family are fantastic, they make me laugh and we have such a lovely time. Scott McGregor has a great sense of humour and blocking. Harley Bonner is a real laugh as well and we had a great time. Stefan Dennis has the best laugh and it’s really fun to make him laugh, he’s always great to be in a scene with. Eve Morey’s also another person who’s really fun to make laugh and is such a good actress – far out! – she makes it look so easy but what she does is not easy! Ryan Moloney is such a cool dude, you wouldn’t realise he’s one of the most recognisable faces in Australia and the UK. He’s so down to earth and fun and funny and interested and interesting.

If you could be any other character on Neighbours who would it be?

Probably Sheila because she’s just so funny and ridiculous! Paul Robinson would be pretty fun; I think just having those juicy story lines and questionable human activity would be entertaining. That’s what’s so fun about Naomi, that you can use her to stir things up. She’s a great device in a soap opera because she does these stupid things but then she’s really capable of a heartfelt moment - she’s nice and yet also conflicting. People are conflicting, we do things when we’re feeling emotional for example tears can turn into anger, I like that in a character.

If you could sum up your time on Neighbours in one word what would it be and why?

Good! Because it has been good, it’s been good to act every day, it’s been good to learn this craft. The fast pace at Neighbours really helps you hone in on your process and make something happen. It makes you good and screen fit – like you learn lines really fast, almost in a superhuman type of way! And the people are good, everybody needs good Neighbours! ;)


Are you looking forward to being a mum?

I totally am! Of course I’m a bit nervous but I’m really looking forward to when she’s my age. My relationship with my mum is so awesome, I’m looking forward to having a grown up kid so we can go and have a glass of wine and talk about the world. Can’t wait to see what kind of person they end up being!

What are your future plans post Neighbours?

Hang out with my baby for a bit and keep searching for other cool characters to play and create. Maybe do some writing and keep trying to have an international career so we’ll see!