Emma Lane joins Neighbours

Find out more about Josh Willis' new love interest played by Emma Lane!

When model and actress Emma Lane arrived on the set of Neighbours to start filming a guest role as Courtney Grixti, she had a team of fans already behind the scenes in the form of her boyfriend Ramsay Street hunk Travis Burns, and best friends, fellow actors Harley Bonner and Ariel Kaplan.

“I was over the moon when I got the news but I think Travis was more excited than me," said Emma. “He is a very supportive boy.”

Romance develops quickly between Emma and Harley’s characters which the stunning performer found slightly nerve-racking because of her close ties with Harley and his real life girlfriend Ariel.


“I was nervous,” said Emma.  “I thought having to play out a romance with Harley was going to be weird, but it was fine.  Harley is so professional.”