Carla Bonner on Steph Scully's return

We sat down with Carla to find out what's in store for Steph.

Where's Steph Scully been all this time?

For the last two years she’s been in a psych facility in Bendigo having very intensive therapy and getting herself back on track but prior to that she was in prison. She’s had a rough five years but she’s learnt her lesson. She’s discovered she has an illness and it’s been a matter of learning to manage that. It was very hard for her to accept but she has, you have to work with it you can’t fight it.

What's been your favourite scene to film while working on Neighbours?

I must say I really enjoyed the scene giving birth to Charlie and even watching it back I still get a little glazed in my eyes. That was beautiful and because I’ve done it twice myself I kind of knew what it needed to be. Tony Osaka who directed it was fantastic and trusted me to take it to where it needed to go. The ice cream fight with Libby was also a fun fun scene, there was no in depth storyline attached to it, it was just fun!

How do you think Steph's character has evolved over time?

Well Steph’s gone from being this wild child who was really into adventure and living life on the edge - it excited and intrigued her. She had the breast cancer which really made her grow, she became more conscious of her body and looking after herself. Then she fell pregnant and had Charlie, became a mum and the whole maternal instinct kicked in. Falling in love and having her heart broken and just going through all these intense life experiences has helped her evolve into a woman. The way she looks at the world is completely different to how she used to, now it’s all about family.

What kind of impact do you think Erinsborough will have on Steph this time around?

It will bring her back to a place where she can start again, make amends and right her wrongs. It’s where she gave birth to her child, where she grew up most of her adult life, there are just so many memories of family and friends. It’s made a massive impact on her coming back but it’s the best place for her to be to start this healing journey on the outside.


Would you like to see your on-screen mum (Lyn) return at some stage?

Yes! Yes I want my mumma J back! You’ve got Lyn and Steph who’ve been this duo for so many years, we have to revisit that! Lyn is far too involved in Steph’s life - with Steph going through such a huge ordeal and making such massive steps it would only make sense that Lyn would check up on her. So fingers crossed!

If you could bring back any of Steph's children who would it be: Charlie, Adam, Boyd or Summer?

I have to say Charlie because he’s her biological child and he’s the one her heart is busted over. She has a mother’s need and maternal instincts - it’s not right to not have your child with you. If I had to pick one more I’d have to say Summer, it would nice to have a girl and a boy back! I think it’s important for us to see Summer again because Steph is her mum, Summer was devastated when Steph went to prison as they were so close. I think there could be really nice mum daughter interaction on screen, Summer’s mum died so she’s only got Steph.

What's it been like acting alongside your son Harley? Any awkward moments?

No awkward moments but lots of funny ones! There are moments where we’re doing a scene and I have to almost adjust myself on a physical level, adjust my eyes to see him as someone else. We have a little giggle, we certainly laugh - it’s not awkward but it’s surreal! I never thought we’d be working together and it blows me away. I’ve said it time and time again but I think we’re the only mum and son team working on a series together in the world - seriously, someone needs to Google that! I just think we’re in just such a unique situation. I love that my first episode back, where Steph is in a scene then Josh in the next then Steph then Josh, it’s our episode. Who gets that? It’s just so special!

If you could change one thing about Steph's character what would it be and why?

I wouldn’t change a thing, Steph is who she is. She’s great, she’s real, she’s raw, she’s damaged, she’s flawed, she’s interesting. I imagine when you ask that question ‘if you want to change someone's character’ it’s to change them for the better and to make them this perfect human. That’s boring - it’s the layers and complexities I love playing. So nothing, she’s great!