Andrew Morley On Being A Dad

Andrew Morley on discovering that Jack is the father of Paige's baby.

This week Father Jack battled to save Paige from a horrific car crash. After the accident, Paige came clean and told the priest that he was the father of her baby. But what does the future hold for this on-again-off-again-couple? We sat down with Andrew Morley to find out.

Was father Jack the hero of this week’s car crash?

Why not, maybe even a super-hero? He wasn’t using the angle grinder, like Tyler, but he was there driving the van and helping out. There was no fear for Jack in a situation where a baby and someone he deeply feels for were at risk.

Did you ever think you would have a baby coming into the show as a priest?

No not at all. Firstly, I didn’t even know I was going to be a priest when I joined the show! It was a huge bombshell when Paige told Jack she was pregnant. He had preempted that it was his, but was continually told and reassured that it wasn’t. So in a way he was slightly prepared, but still shocked by the way he was told. He would have preferred to find out in a more respectful way, but that’s the way it is and now he’s going to be a ‘baby-daddy’.

Does this mean Paige and Jack are getting together?

Let’s say that Jack is torn between three things; God, Paige and now his baby. It’s a very complicated situation; Jack had decided to stay with God despite his feelings for Paige. Now he’s responsible for a new life being born into this world and will have to choose between being a good role model for the community or for his child.

Andrew do you think Jack should choose Paige over the church? 

I think Jack needs to choose the baby over the church.


Do you want a boy or a girl? 

I would love a boy. I’d just love to hang out and do father and son things.

Does Andrew have any kids?

I have two step kids who are amazing, a boy and a girl. The full set. They are very confused watching me on screen as Father Jack. I’m also a volunteer firefighter, so when I go to kinder dressed up teaching the kids about the ‘stop, drop and roll’ – I’m sure it’s even more confusing.

What’s coming up for Jack?

I would love to see some more skeletons from his past pop up, maybe some family? Potentially a new romance? But obviously becoming a father is the immediate stuff I’m looking forward too.