My Road To WOW Documentary Series

This documentary explores the hardscrabble journey of women wrestlers, from early 20th century carnival sideshows to the ultimate creation of the only all-female wrestling league in the 21st century

My Road To WOW is a behind-the-curtain look at the WOW - Women Of Wrestling roster, profiling some of the most amazing women in sports entertainment. Fans will see how these incredible women took a chance to become some of the Superheroes of WOW, gaining insights into their backstories of courage and overcoming adversity and how their personas, ring gear and character are inspired by their real lives.

Throughout the documentary, viewers will meet the Superheroes' closest families and friends and see the other parts of their lives that make them tick and gives them the heart, soul, and motivation to follow their dreams all the way to the WOW — Women Of Wrestling ring.

Episode 1: Keta Rush, Tiki Chamorro and Kandi Krush

Keta Rush goes from bullied to bully buster, Tiki Chamorro represents the true pride of her island of Guam, and Kandi Krush rises from crushed Olympic dreams to crushing her opponents.

Episode 2: G.I. Jane, Foxxy Fierce, Americana

Americana fights for the son she never expected, Foxxy Fierce discovers what it means to truly be yourself, and as a drill sergeant in the U.S. Army, G.I. Jane keeps her opponents in line.

Episode 3: Miami Sweet Heat, Princess Aussie, Jennifer Florez

Miami Sweet Heat's physical therapy patients are the real superheroes, Princess Aussie's difficult journey to the US almost never happened and Jennifer Florez represents a new generation of wrestlers

Episode 4: Sahara Spars, Jessie Jones, Leia Makoa

Sahara Spars opens up about a life-changing experience, Jessie Jones reveals her long journey to the top and achieving it all by herself, and Leia Makoa makes her parents and her island proud.

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WOW - Women Of Wrestling

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