Neighbours’ Spin Off Series Erinsborough High: Get To Know The Characters

Neighbours is dropping a cool new spin off web series which lands exclusively on 10 play, Tuesday 12 November. Get to know the characters who’ll be navigating the dramatic world of Erinsborough High

Neighbours Erinsborough High exclusive to 10 play 2019

Yashvi Rebecchi 

Recognise the last name? Of course you do. She's the sassy, wise-cracking niece of the infamous Jarrod 'Toadie' Rebecchi, and much like her cheeky uncle, she spends most of her time at Erinsborough High getting into mischief instead of hitting the books.

She prioritised footy training over studying last year, which led to bombing her VCE. So she took the high road and repeated Year 12 in order to improve her chances of heading to Uni. Her final exams are over (again) and it's time for her to celebrate - but something is holding her back. If she doesn't tread carefully, things could blow up in her face.

Neighbours Erinsborough High exclusive to 10 play 2019

Richie Amblin

17-year-old Richie was once considered to be a bit of a sh*tty person, but he's done a complete 180 and is now a pretty decent bloke. But don't get it twisted - he's got a tendency to succumb to the pressures of others, including bad-boy Hendrix Greyson.

Richie used to hook up with Olivia Lane, but they've called it quits and he's got his eye on a new gal - Mackenzie Hargreaves. Yet, while he has no issues woo-ing her over text, he can't for the life of him talk to her in person without making it totes awkward. Will he be able to finally to get out of his own head and take their budding relationship to the next level?

Neighbours Erinsborough High exclusive to 10 play 2019

Hendrix Greyson 

Hendrix has only been at Erinsborough High for a couple of weeks, but the 17-year-old has already ruffled a few feathers for being an entitled rich kid. He milks his wealthy father for every cent his worth, and while he doesn't know the value of a dollar, he knows the value of being really, really, REALLY ridiculously good looking.

He's got plans to convince the whole class to tank their final Physics exam to get back at his teacher, Mr Muggleton, but does he actually have the guts to go through with it?

Neighbours Erinsborough High exclusive to 10 play 2019

Jeremiah "The Ghost" Annan 

Jeremiah is uber-smart and on track to becoming the dux of Erinsborough High. However, unrelenting bullying from his peers has caused the once goofy kid to turn inward - so much so that he's nicknamed "The Ghost" (and it is bloody heartbreaking to watch).

He so badly wants nothing more than his daily pain to disappear and for others to respect him – it’s come to the point where he's considering risking his grades and his future for the approval of his peers.

Neighbours Erinsborough High exclusive to 10 play 2019

MacKenzie Hargreaves

Mackenzie only just moved to Erinsborough this year but is already finding the perils of being a teenager all a bit much. You see, Mackenzie is transgender and proud, but being trans doesn't define her. She’d much rather be noticed for her sharp wit and compassionate soul than for her gender identity.

She's recently developed a HUGE crush on Richie, and her anxiety is bringing her gender back into focus. Does he have relationship expectations that she's not ready for? Or is it just all in her head?

Neighbours Erinsborough High exclusive to 10 play 2019

Olivia Lane

Olivia is a Year 12 student who's only a few exams away from being done with school forever, but she's struggling HARD.

While she's a bit on the dramatic side, she's also incredibly sensitive. To make matters worse, she's gotta deal with a helicopter mum who makes it super hard for her to have different opinions and alternative role models.

Oh, and she's also hiding a HUGE secret. Like, crazy huge!

Neighbours Erinsborough High exclusive to 10 play 2019

Harlow Robinson

Harlow is the daughter of the incarcerated Robert Robinson and beloved granddaughter of the iconic Paul Robinson. Despite her interesting gene pool, she's got her head screwed on better than most people her age. She prides herself on being a good judge of character, and won't succumb to peer pressure.

Other supporting characters include school teachers Marty Muggleton and Cherie Reyner, high school bully Ollie Sudekis, mothers Angela Lane and Dipi Rebecchi, school principal Susan Kennedy and former evil sociopath Finn Kelly.

Watch the five-part web series Erinsborough High from Tuesday, 12 November on 10 play