Neighbours New Spin-Off Series Gets A Bit Degrassi High

Iconic Aussie drama Neighbours is doing a unique digital spin-off mini-series, to be shown right here on 10 play

Degrassi meets Pretty Little Liars in Neighbours: Erinsborough High – a five-part web-only series to be filmed at Fremantle’s Melbourne studio and will centre around the lives of Ramsay Street’s youths.

Hormones rage and friendships strain during the hectic period in teen life known as ‘Final Exams’. But when a popular student goes missing, sh*t REALLY hits the fan.

As well as issues such as bullying and mental health, the show will explore sexuality, cultural diversity, parental and peer pressure and even teacher-student relationships.

Will a secret Paige Michalchuk/Matt Oleander-esque relationship be uncovered? We can only imagine what the neighbours will think!

Neighbours: Erinsborough High has been developed by Neighbours’ Executive Producer, Jason Herbison, and produced by Natalie Lynch. It stars a mixture of the show’s regular cast members – including Yashvi Rebecchi and Mackenzie Hargreaves – as well as some fresh newcomers.

Neighbours: Erinsborough High is an exciting opportunity to shine a light on one of our most iconic playing areas - the local high school. It's long been an ambition to delve deeper into some of our workplaces and the characters who populate them. Who knows what we might do next?

The 22-minute long episodes will be available for all 10 play viewers from November 11.