Everything We Know About Australian Survivor All Stars

Check out all the details we know so far about Australian Survivor All Stars...

When does Australian Survivor All Stars air? 

It’s been confirmed that Australian Survivor All Stars will premiere in February 2020, which means it’s coming back much earlier than usual. As for an exact date? Keep your eyes peeled!

Which Survivors are returning? 

Brooke Jowett – Season 1 (2016) 

Brooke was a challenge beast in Season 1, and was painfully sent packing in 7th place when her closest ally, Flick, blindsided her in Episode 18. How's she going to feel when she sees her old ally has also returned?

David Genat – Season 4, Champions V Contenders (2019)

One of the biggest strategic players in Australian Survivor history, David, an international model, had many memorable moments, including trading a fake idol for a real one. Eventually, his ego got the better of him. Sent packing in Episode 16, with an idol in his pocket, he became the second member of the Jury. With a reputation as iconic as David’s, how will he fair in All Stars?

Felicity ‘Flick’ Eggington – Season 1 (2016) 

Flick made it to Day 53 before getting her torch snuffed. She pulled a huge blindside on her closest ally and friend – Brooke – and we’re verrrrry interested to see whether they have patched things up or if this will be the grudge-match to watch.

Henry Nicholson – Season 2 (2017) 

Faux-yoga instructor Henry survived a tribe switch, made it to merge, but was sent packing in a huge blindside in Episode 18. That made him the first ever contestant to have his torch snuffed with an idol in his pocket – ouch.

Mat Rogers – Season 3, Champions V Contenders (2018) 

Football legend Mat Rogers was nicknamed ‘The Godfather’ and led his strong alliance to merge. However, in a classic case of ‘overly confident’, Mat was also sent packing with an idol in his pocket. (We're beginning to see a theme here…)

Mark ‘Tarzan’ Herlaar – Season 2 (2017) 

Tarzan only made it to Day 11, was fourth to be eliminated, and was undoubtedly sent packing far too soon when he heroically gave his idol to Tess to help save her, and was blindsided by his tribe for it.

Despite only having lasted 11 days, he made such a big impression on Australia we’re bringing him back for All Stars.

Nick Iadanza – Season 1 (2016) 

Superfan Nick was pinned early in the game for being a snake and sent to the opposing tribe. The label stuck, and was ultimately the reason he was sent home in Episode 17. Can he shake the label and become Sole Survivor?

Phoebe Timmins – Season 1 (2016) 

Phoebe was labelled the ‘black widow’ after a string of blindsides that saved her from 5 tribal councils. Phoebe was ultimately sent home after 31 days, and just missed out on making it to merge. We’re itching to see Phoebe pull some major blindsides in the upcoming season.

Will Luke Toki be returning for All Stars

Unfortunately, family-man Luke Toki is not coming back for Australian Survivor All Stars. BUT we can confirm that he will be returning for an all new Channel 10 online Australian Survivor After Show. So never fear Survivor fam, we will get our recommended dose of Luke in the returning season. As for more details on the After Show, keep checking 10 play in the new year to find out all the deets.

Is Jonathon LaPaglia back for another season? 

Hell yeah! JLP will be back for Survivor All Stars, so get ready for more epic one-liners and insightful tribal commentary in the massive new season.

Where can you watch past seasons of Australian Survivor

Survivor fans rejoice, all four seasons of Australian Survivor are back on 10 play so you can binge watch every episode featuring your favourite returning players before the new season starts. Time to start re-examining all the different moves and strategies so we can figure out who will thrive, and who will have their flames snuffed early.

Will there be more than one season of Australian Survivor in 2020? 

Hold onto your buffs Survivor fans, we an confirm there will be not one, but TWO massive seasons of Survivor coming to our screens in 2020. All Stars will air in February 2020 while Season 6 will air later in the year. Think you've got what it takes? Apply now! 

Are you excited for 2020? Because we most definitely are.

Australian Survivor: All Stars is coming soon to 10 & 10 play