Shark Tank Announces Five New Sharks

Meet the five new Sharks looking to sink their teeth into some deals and help budding Aussie entrepreneurs boost their businesses.

Returning to 10 and 10 Play later this year, Shark Tank announced the five Sharks who will be putting their own hard-earned cash on the line to turn the next big Aussie idea into a profitable venture.

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Founder of King Kong Digital Marketing Agency and the author of “Sell Like Crazy”, Sabri Suby is looking for anyone who has been able to make something out of nothing. “People that show that they’ve got the resilience and grit to survive the long endurance sport of entrepreneurship,” he added.

“My first job was grinding peanut butter at a health food store for just $2.50 an hour. Fast forward to today, and my digital marketing agency is one of Australia's fastest-growing businesses with over 200,000+ customers in 136 different countries,” he continued.

“It’s actually all about the execution, not the idea. As such, I won’t be betting on the horse (business) I’ll be betting on the jockey (entrepreneur).”

Joining him is Dr Catriona Wallace, an expert in the field of artificial intelligence and the founder of the Responsible Metaverse Alliance.

Shark Tank offers Australian entrepreneurs a chance at funding and support that they may not be able to achieve otherwise, building the entrepreneurial community here, so I am all for that,” Dr Wallace said, adding, “I am not a classic Shark so will be really focused on diversity, inclusion, ethics and responsible business, as well as being able to share wisdom from my own epic fails and successes in business.”

Owner of the Davie Group and running 10 consumer brands including The Oodie, Pupnaps, and Calming Blankets, Davie Fogarty is an E-commerce whizkid who wants to give hungry entrepreneurs a chance to change their lives.

“I am hoping to share my experience and knowledge so they don’t make the same mistakes I did, which could potentially ruin their business. I strongly believe in Australia’s ability to become an entrepreneurial country,” he explained.

“I am looking for unique products that solve problems and improve the world. I am hoping to see a lot of hungry entrepreneurs walk into the Tank who know that if they work hard and are willing to learn, anything is possible.”

Joining the Tank is CEO of online fashion boutique Showpo, Jane Lu, who also runs the hugely successful women’s entrepreneur community Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine on Facebook which boasts almost 170,000 members.

Shark Tank is the most incredible show in helping dreams come true, and I am so excited to be able to be part of this journey,” Lu said.

“I want to help businesses that sell online get to that next level of growth through my expertise and experience in retail, marketing and building a strong brand!”

Rounding out the panel of Sharks is Robert Herjavec who, across his 14 seasons on Shark Tank US and the Canadian Dragon’s Den, has invested over $16 million on-air.

“I have a very near and dear attachment to this amazing country with my wife and kids being Australian,” Herjavec explained. “As we make a home here, I am looking to bring the power of my global investment expertise locally in order to find some amazing businesses and entrepreneurs to invest in.

"Australia is one of the most dynamic and entrepreneurial countries in the world – I’m looking to bring my international Shark Tank and investment expertise to find the next, great Australian business.”

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Shark Tank returns to 10 and 10 Play later this year, stay tuned for more!