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10 Minute Kitchen - S1 Ep. 10
G | Lifestyle

Air Date: Sat 27 Mar 2021

Discover delicious, low-fuss recipes that use minimum ingredients and preparation time, but take family meals to another level. Hosted by Scott Pickett, Diana Chan and Kelvin Cheung.




About the Show

The clock is ticking...

It's dinner time and there are hungry mouths to feed. But you're out of ideas and you only have 10-minutes to conjure an amazing meal.

The impossible is now possible with 10 Minute Kitchen - a celebration of creative, easy, family-friendly meals that anyone can cook at home.

Co-hosts - Chef Scott Pickett, Diana Chan, Mike Reid and Kelvin Cheung share their tips, tricks and inspiration in the kitchen. Each recipe uses staples from the pantry and these talented cooks show viewers how to take family meals to another level.

Covering desserts, snacks, salads and main meals, each low-fuss recipe is easy to follow using minimum ingredients and preparation time.