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Tom Holland Misinterpreted A Gift From Mark Wahlberg As Something A Little Sexier

Sometimes, a simple, thoughtful gift can go the wrong way.

Gifts between friends can be a difficult game. Although mostly harmless, sometimes they can overstep the boundaries of friendship and create some confusion. For Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg on the set of their new movie Uncharted, exactly that happened.

Both actors bonded over their love of fitness. Holland had been telling Wahlberg how he had been struggling with his recovery after training. As a new and good friend, Wahlberg wanted to look after the Spider-Man actor and get him a little gift to assist his recovery.

What a better gift than a massage gun! If you know what a massage gun is, no doubt you are reading this right now and thinking, ‘Yeah, solid gift Mark Wahlberg, that will definitely help the Spider-Man kid’s recovery. But if you have just google imaged ‘massage gun,’ you probably also quickly minimised your browser in case anyone around you think you are looking up adult toys.

Sharing the story with Pete Helliar on The Project, Wahlberg said, “I guess people in the UK are living in a bit of a time warp, because it's, it clearly says on the package, 'massage gun, muscle therapy', not anything else like, R-rated or X-rated, but I guess that's just where his mind is.”

Watch the full interview below.