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The Vatican Unveils “Click To Pray 2.0” App

On Tuesday the Vatican rolled out an updated version of their “Click to Pray” app, which is so convenient, you don’t even need to kneel to use it.

The range of new functions offer an improved digital "praying experience" in a fast-paced world. These days the only thing stronger than the power of prayer, is the power of wifi.

New functions include a personal planner, to let users plan their daily moments of prayer with reminders to put the rest of the world on hold. It also gives users specific intentions that they can pray for, together with Pope Francis. Things such as peace, unity or more data.

It offers a "School of Prayer", for those finding it hard to get started and an option to form prayer groups around the world. What started on msn, is now in the hands of the Lord.

Need something to do while waiting in line at the post office? (IMAGE: Tarik Kizilkaya, Getty Images)

Father Cosimo Schena, an Italian priest in St. Peter's Square gave it rave review saying "It is an extraordinary thing because it allows you to reach people that you don't physically meet, it becomes a bridge to reach those hearts that sometimes have strayed from God".

It’s a lot harder to stray from God knowing he’s in your app store.

Hang on to your rosary beads though, because officials conceded the app may not be for everyone. It’s not a replacement for traditional, low-tech prayer.

Monsignor Lucio Ruiz, secretary of the Vatican's communications department said "It is not meant to invalidate the other places or ways to pray. It is one more way to reach people who want or need a new way".

So it’s not replacing, just diversifying prayer. Personally, I’m a little more old school, I’ll stick to tweeting my prayers.