Principal In Japan Fired And Stripped Of Retirement Pay For Allegedly Overfilling Coffee

A junior high school principal in Japan has reportedly lost his job and retirement pay after he overfilled his coffee at a service station.

The 59-year-old man allegedly paid 110 yen, or $1.10, for a regular-size coffee from a self-serve machine before the store clerk noticed he was, in fact, pushing the button for a large coffee valued at 180 yen.  

According to local media, the clerk questioned the man and reported him to the police, accusing him of stealing extra coffee multiple times in the store. 

The man reportedly admitted underpaying for coffee seven times, claiming the first time was an accident but decided to do it again when he realised the staff hadn’t noticed.

Although local prosecutors did not press charges, the Hyogo prefecture Board of Education dismissed the principal, who apologised to families and students for his behaviour.

The man will also no longer receive his retirement payment of 20 million yen, or $200,000.