Pizza Hut Launches SpongeBob SquarePants-Inspired Menu

Pizza Hut is launching a SpongeBob SquarePants-inspired menu across its 286 restaurants in Australia.

Five new menu items inspired by the iconic cartoon will be available from April 3, including Dill Pickle Mustard Swirl & Bacon Bits Ice Cream in reference to a similar order made by SpongeBob’s best friend Patrick in one episode.

On the menu is;

SpongeBob Pizza which includes tangy pineapple sweet chilli drizzled on top of smoky honey ham, beef, onion and mozzarella on a tomato base.

SpongeBob Sweet Chilli Wings with tangy pineapple, sweet chilli with a little spicy kick of jalapeno.

Pineapple Sunrise Ice Cream which has a hint of coconut, and No Sugar Pineapple Fanta.

“We are delighted to partner with the folks at Paramount Consumer Products again, and in our third year of partnership with them, we think we’ve created the best menu items yet,” Director of Marketing & Digital, Pizza Hut Australia, Simon Stocks.

“Above all else, the new menu items are designed to create good times with loved ones, whether that be out and about with your mates, or at home with your family. The secret tasty test we did last week has given us a lot of confidence our new range will be very well received by Australians.”

Image: Pizza Hut