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Photographer Called Out For Charging Plus Size Models Extra Over ‘Standard’ Models

A TikTok user has called out a photographer for charging plus size models more.

TikTok user who goes by the name @sixtine has called out a photographer for changing more to photograph plus-sized models over ‘standard’ models. In the post, Sixtine references a prior post by  Megan Mesveskas, who runs a modelling agency. Megan reached out to a New York photographer for rates.   

In the shocking reply, the photographer replied with a ‘standard’ rate for the model, “Whatever the hell that is” to quote Megan, then a higher rate for ‘Plus/Curve’. 

@sixtine’s TikTok post has gone viral, ripping right into the photographer, saying ‘how the f*** does that make sense?’.   

Speaking to the Independent, Megan Mesveskas said, “My loyalty is always to my models, not to a fashion brand or a photographer,”  

“Those come and go, but hopefully, my models will feel comfortable and cared for enough to stay with me for years as we ride out the hills and valleys of this industry together.”  

“There are plenty of photographers who will shoot models for free, but usually you get what you pay for,” she said. “Part of my responsibility for my models is figuring out who are the good test photographers to work with.” That includes feeling safe, comfortable and being treated fairly financially, she said.