LinkedIn Influencer Uses Engagement Post To Talk About Business Sales

A LinkedIn influencer has been trolled mercilessly online after using his proposal to his girlfriend as a lesson on business-to-business sales.

Bryan Shankman posted a picture of his beautiful beach proposal to his girlfriend, writing, “I proposed to my girlfriend this weekend. Here’s what it taught me about B2B sales…”

In the lengthy post, Shankman listed 7 lessons he learnt from this proposal about B2B sales, including prospecting, discovery, demo, pricing, negotiations, handling objections and closing.

He ended the post by writing, “Reminder: After the deal is closed, there is a lot of work to do. The journey continues with planning and constant communications to ensure ongoing satisfaction.”

The post garnered thousands of comments, with many making jokes about the post.

"My girlfriend went with a competitor. Here's what it taught me about customer retention!" one person joked.

"I went to Ikea today with my wife and got 50% off the meatballs. Here's what it taught me about preparing for AI taking our jobs," another said.

"I bought a toilet paper and here are my tips on project management," commented a third.