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Comedian Aaron Chen Proposes To Now-Fiancé With A Box Of Chicken Nuggets

Aaron Chen popped the question with a ring in a box of nuggets, and fortunately for him, she McLoved it.

Comedian Aaron Chen shared the good news that he and his partner had become engaged, sharing the tasty (albeit unusual) way he popped the question.

Chen's now-fiancé Esther Shim showed off her new bling while standing outside a Cash Converters store in an Instagram post, which we hope the nuggets weren't purchased from. Nobody wants second-hand nuggets.

The Instagram post shows a video of the nugget box being opened to reveal the delicious, crispy nuggets (oh, and the engagement ring).

So if you're looking for a creative way to pop the question to your partner, maybe give this one a go as it seems to work.

If they say no, you can just act surprised as if the ring came from Mcdonald's and not you, avoiding any awkwardness. Amazing.

Congrats Aaron and Esther! We hope the catering at the wedding is as delicious as the engagement.