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Check Your Wallet As Your 20c Coins Could Be Worth $4,000

A coin enthusiast has revealed a detail to look out for on Australian 20c coins that increases the value up to $4,000.

Mr Michael McCauley boasts 80,000 followers on TikTok under the handle coincollecting_detecting and frequently shares videos about rare coins. 

The video McCauley posted two days ago has garnered a whopping 2 million views.

“Start looking through them for rare dates,” he said. “There’s plenty of things to look for.” 

Coming across a 2004 20c coin, he explained that if the ‘A’ in Australia was particularly pointy, you could be looking at something that collectors would pay as much as $10 for.

He then came across a potential gold mine when he noticed a silver coin dating back to 1966.

He states that a small amount of the 20c coins from 1966 have a wavy baseline on the ‘2’,” and these coins sell for between “$250 and $4000 if you can find one.

For 20c coins minted in 2010, Mr McCauley said a bubble above the platypus’ claws also made it a valuable piece of metal.

McCauley revealed in the comments section that coin collectors on eBay will pay top dollar for rare coins such as these.

So if you have a jar of coins or a heavy wallet, time to start looking through them!