A Man Gets Revenge On A Plane Passenger's Smelly Feet

A man on a plane has taken revenge on a passenger sitting behind him after pouring his drink on her 'smelly feet'.

The man filmed the moment and posted it on TikTok, @danielgreen2426 recorded the woman stretching and pushing her feet right at the front of his seat.

The woman continually rubbed her left foot on her shoe and stuck her toes out the very bottom of the man's seat.

Throughout the 38-second video, the man is seen slowly pouring a drink on the woman's toes.

She wiggled her toes the first few times he poured before she eventually pulled her foot in from underneath his seat.

In the video, he explained his reasons in the on-screen text, 'woman on the plane behind me kept putting her smelly feet under me... she then stopped.' 

With comments turned off on the post, it could suggest that the man copped some criticism for his actions, but the video currently has just under 300,000 views.