The Traitors 2022: Meet The Final Four

Just four players remain, two Traitors and two Faithful, but who will be crowned the winner of this most devious game?

They've survived midnight murders, they've beaten banishments and now our fearless final four will battle it out to take home the prize pool of silver bars.

But with an equal split between Traitors and Faithful, and with suspicions at an all-time high, it's still anyone's game.

THE TRAITORS 2022 grand finale final four Craig Kate Alex Lewis rodger corser

With the Grand Finale coming up this Sunday at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play on demand, let's take a look at the final four of The Traitors 2022:

Alex - Traitor

Alex has been the definition of playing under the radar this season. By keeping her head down, she has managed to avoid all suspicions and has barely even had her name mentioned during banishment ceremonies. That strategy paid off tenfold when she became the first Faithful to be recruited by the Traitors.

Following Marielle and Nigel's hostile takeover of Traitors' Tower, Alex quickly learned that she needed to be ahead of the blindside or it would be her packing her bags, ceremonial robes and all.

With her ability to cry on cue, and the genuine connections she's made during her time in the game, Alex is in a prime position to keep her identity as a Traitor totally under wraps all the way to the end. But is history about to repeat itself as the new recruit sets her sights on Alex's position in the game?

Craig - Faithful

Craig has undeniably played a genuine game with his heart firmly on his sleeve. Throughout the game, his ability to form strong connections with other players has seen his name out of the firing line.

But we've also seen Craig in a battle between his head and his heart. When he's been forced to vote for those he's closest to, it's been devastating to see Craig feel like he's letting his friends down by writing their name on his slate.

Possibly the most heart-wrenching moment of the season was when the group finally voted to banish Nigel. It was a bittersweet moment for Craig who tearfully watched as his close ally revealed he had been a Traitor all along. Will Craig's heart blind him from the truth about the remaining Traitors, or will he be able to go all the way to take out the prize?

Kate - Traitor

Kate's journey in the game has been an absolute rollercoaster. A fan of games of all shapes and sizes, no one has been more serious about seeking out the Traitors than Kate. Her iconic range of banishment ceremony facial expressions, and her no-nonsense approach to accusations have seen her take over the role of Traitor Hunter after Mark's murder.

This is why Kate was the perfect final recruit for the Traitors, coming into the position right at the pointy end of the competition. Proving herself as a Faithful on the hunt for Traitors, Kate now has the perfect cover to take her all the way to the very end.

Kate is also a master strategist, and as soon as she took up the mantle of Traitor she was already thinking ahead. While she and Alex need to work together to keep their secret under wraps from Lewis and Craig, they both know they can't trust each other in the race to the prize. Can Kate outmaneuver Alex while still keeping up the facade of innocence, or will it be game over for our latest Traitor?

Lewis - Faithful

Dubbing himself the 'smiling assassin', in this game, Lewis is like a cat on his ninth life. All eyes in the house were on him time and time again, and when it was clear that his neck was on the chopping block he managed to snag himself a shield protecting him from both the next banishment and murder.

The shield came at the exact right time for Lewis, as the team had no choice but to turn their attention to Nigel who had been very vocal about his suspicions about Lewis. Once Nigel was revealed as a Traitor, the group had to re-think if Lewis was a distraction or a co-conspirator.

Making it to the final four, Lewis now has his work cut out for him as the two Traitors will do anything they can to throw the remaining Faithful under the bus. Can Lewis shake off the suspicions and be the one to unmask the final two Traitors, or will he be another Faithful to fall victim to their deceitful ways?

The Traitors Grand Finale airs Sunday, November 13 at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play on demand