'No One Valued What I Had To Say': Chloe Explains Her Decision To Leave The Traitors

The clairvoyant and psychic medium created a stir in the game when she dropped a bombshell during a banishment, then shocked the house once again with her decision to leave the game entirely.

As the players gathered for breakfast during Tuesday's episode, they watched in anticipation to see which player had been 'murdered' overnight by the Traitors.

Waiting for either Chloe or Ethan to walk through the doors to the breakfast table, the group were shocked instead to find series host Rodger Corser arrive to announce that while Ethan had been the victim of the Traitors, Chloe had made the shocking decision to leave the game.

"It was a really intense experience," Chloe told 10 Play, "there were a lot of different personalities in the room and trying to work out who the Traitors are, everyone was suspicious of each other. It was a very suspicious environment but, at the same time, it was very thrilling."

During the second banishment, the game really gained momentum as accusations were thrown across the room. But Chloe sat silently, and when pressed by several of her fellow players she simply told them she did not want to speak.

"A lot of people had told me that they didn't want to hear what I had to say," Chloe explained, "so I gave them that. I just decided I'm not going to speak.

"I just remember thinking I don't want to be here, this environment doesn't feel secure for my energy, for my wellbeing, and no one valued what I had to say. I knew that I needed to go."

After dropping a massive bombshell, revealing four names she believed to be Traitors, Chloe excused herself from the room and ultimately from the entire game.

"It wasn't an easy decision to make, I really questioned it and thought should I stay? Am I letting myself down? Am I letting the game down? But I knew that I couldn't keep taking on everyone's energy and I needed to come back to my centre," she explained.

"I did it for myself and, truthfully, I feel that was the best choice I could make. I'm happy with my choice."

Right before excusing herself from the banishment, Chloe revealed who she had voted for, then added three more names to her accusation claiming that Teresa, Kashindi, Angus and Marielle were her prime suspects.

"It was a bit dramatic, I'm not going to lie," Chloe said, laughing. "All the nerves and everyone's energy, I think it made me more dramatic than I've ever been in my entire life."

According to Chloe, she was not only sure Angus and Marielle were Traitors, but she had figured that out "way before the show" had even started.

"I communicated with - I have no idea who the spirit was, to be honest - but they were like there's going to be a long-haired male with brown hair and a female with brown hair and fair skin," she said. "When I saw them I thought, oh yeah, you're going to be the Traitors."

Being in an environment of deception, where no one trusted each other, the scepticism of her gifts from her fellow players didn't bother Chloe, who saw it as a tactic.

"The people that were sceptics, I actually did medium readings for them and everything I said was correct," she admitted. "Most people actually believed me and it was really a ploy to say, 'she's wrong' when a lot of the time I was right... it was just a way to undermine me and get me out."

Watching the show back and seeing the comments others made about her abilities, Chloe wasn't surprised. "I kind of knew [conversations about her] were happening. I walked out of the car and I was like okay, they've allllll had a go at me.

"I just was expecting it, it was pretty obvious."

During her bombshell banishment moment, Chloe named Teresa and Kashindi as Traitors -- despite them actually being Faithful. But those four weren't the end of her list.

"I was really suspicious of Nigel and Claire, and I was a little bit sceptical of Dirk, but predominantly Nigel and Claire.

"I remember [Nigel] gave me this look in the eyes and I was like oh, you're a Traitor! With Teresa and Kashindi, that was more with how they spoke to me than me intuitively believing if they were Traitors or not.

"I had four for four, I had it and I remember walking out and getting home and I was like... Chloe, you had all four! But it is what it is. It would ruin the game if I had said all four! So it's better that I didn't."

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