Welcome to The Caravan

Clamouring for more Offspring? Then step inside The Caravan, a series of exclusive webisodes you’ll only find on tenplay.

For Offspring fans, one hour of Proudman family fun a week is barely enough to survive on, which is why the release of an exclusive series of webisodes is just what the doctor ordered.

Consisting of seven mini-eps to be found and enjoyed only on tenplay, The Caravan is a world within a world, where everybody’s favourite scruffy wonder, Jimmy Proudman, has created an alternate, parallel universe to reside in.

Penned by Richard Davies, aka Jimmy Proudman, himself, and directed by Matilda Brown, The Caravan promises to be a weird and wonderful journey for the popular character and whoever dares join him for the wacky ride.

Watch the first episode after tonight's Offspring, only on tenplay