Meet The Contestants From Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island 

If you’re like us and can’t get enough of Survivor, you MUST watch the brand-new season of Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island. 

Twenty unique personalities from across South Africa have been brought to fight it out on the Eastern Cape’s stunning Wild Coast. They’ve already proven they aren’t there to mess around and we’ve already seen some next-level manipulation, alliances and betrayals take place.   

Keep reading to find who the cunning Survivors are for season 8. 

Jason Brookestein 

Age: 27 

Home City: Johannesburg, GP 

Occupation: Structural Engineering Draughtsman 

Amy Eliason 

Age: 33 

Home City: Johannesburg, GP 

Occupation: Corporate Lawyer  

Anela Majozi 

Age: 25 

Home City: Durban, KZN 

Occupation: Math Educator  

Anesu Mbizvo 

Age: 29 

Home City: Johannesburg, GP 

Occupation: Doctor  

Carla Gubb 

Age: 29 

Home City: Cape Town, WC 

Occupation: Corporate Sales Executive  

Chappies Chapman 

Age: 32 

Home City: Centurion, GP 

Occupation: Entrepreneur  

Dino Paulo 

Age: 30 

Home City: Johannesburg, GP 

Occupation: Live Escape Game Owner  

Kiran Naidoo 

Age: 29 

Home City: Johannesburg, GP 

Occupation: Strategy Consultant  

Marisha du Plessis 

Age: 35 

Home City: Tulbagh, WC 

Occupation: Guest House Owner


Mike Laws 

Age: 32 

Home City: Cape Town, WC 

Occupation: Lawyer  

Nicole Wilmans 

Age: 26 

Home City: Somerset West, WC 

Occupation: Digital Marketing Manager  

Paul Cupido 

Age: 29 

Home City: Johannesburg, GP 

Occupation: Aftercare Teacher  

Noleen 'Pinty' Nkanjeni 

Age: 30 

Home City: Cape Town, WC 

Occupation: Freelancer  

Qieän Wang 

Age: 35 

Home City: Cape Town, WC 

Occupation: Self-employed  

Renier Louwrens 

Age: 30 

Home City: Secunda, MP 

Occupation: Chemical Engineer  

Santoni Engelbrecht 

Age: 39 

Home City: Strand, WC 

Occupation: Online Business Owner


Shaun Wilson 

Age: 40 

Home City: Cape Town, WC 

Occupation: I.T. Entrepeneur  

Thoriso M-Afrika 

Age: 36 

Home City: Kariega, EC 

Occupation: Marketing Officer  

Tyson Zulu 

Age: 24 

Home City: Johannesburg, GP 

Occupation: Creative Director  

Wardah Hartley 

Age: 39 

Home City: Johannesburg, GP 

Occupation: Yoga Instructor