Survivor NZ FAQS

You asked, we answered! Here are all the FAQs for Survivor NZ.

What is Survivor NZ?

Survivor NZ follows the same general format as the rest of the franchise; such as Australian Survivor and Survivor US. The players are split into tribes on a remote location and are forced to endure physical and mental challenges with the ultimate goal of being the Sole Survivor.

Where can I watch Survivor NZ online?

The only place you can binge-watch Survivor NZ in Australia for free is on 10 play.

When is Survivor NZ on TV?

Survivor NZ is not currently available to watch on live TV anywhere in Australia, however, all of seasons 1 and 2 are available to stream for free on 10 play.

Where is Survivor NZ filmed?

Season 1 of Survivor NZ was filmed in Nicaragua and season 2 was filmed in Thailand.

How many seasons are there of Survivor NZ?

At the moment there are only two seasons of Survivor NZ and you can stream both of them for free on 10 play.

Who won Survivor NZ?

No spoilers here! To find out who won Survivor NZ, head over to our 10 play show page and binge-watch the series now.

What is the prize for the Sole Survivor?

The Sole Survivor in season 1 won $100,000 and for season 2, they upped the winnings to $250,000.