Xanthe ♥ Ben - online series

The Biggest Week Ever continues on Instagram

The experimental drama comprises 20 x 15 second episodes that use Instagram’s video capability to create a ‘soap bubble’ – the story follows two Neighbours characters in the events leading up to and following the Lassiters' disaster.

Users of Instagram are able to access Xanthe ♥ Ben from the official Neighbours’ Instagram account – @NeighboursTV - with the first few episodes available now. Episodes will be posted daily until April 21st when the Instagram storyline catches up with its linear TV counterpart.

Neighbours’ Senior Social & Digital Producer, Ric Forster, said, "Xanthe ♥ Ben gives us an opportunity to tell the Neighbours story in a way that no other daily drama has done before. It’s been both challenging and great fun in using a new medium and has the potential to reach a whole new audience.”

Xanthe and Ben

Starring Lilly Van Der Meer, Felix Mallard & Bastian Navarria Produced, Directed & Edited by Ric Forster Written by Bastian Navarria Story Producer - Stephen Vagg Makeup - Leah Meurer Sound Recordist - Graham Fettling Production Co-ordinator - Melanie Rowland Production Manager - Fiona Spees Head of Digital & Social Content - Emily Willis Executive Producer - Jason Herbison