Things you might not know about Kip Gamblin and Kate Kendall

You probably know Kip Gamblin and Kate Kendall as the down to earth ex-lovers of Ramsay Street with a somewhat complicated and secretive history. But there's a few things you might not know...


- Kip is a fourth generation Actor/Dancer.

- He was once a back up dancer in a Kylie Minogue, Melinda Shneider and a Christine Anu film clip.

- Growing up he was keen to become a dentist.

- His mother was a bridesmaid at Terry (who played Doug Willis) and Sue Donovan's wedding... how meta!

- When he was 10-years-old he was in a commercial with his current on-screen wife, Rebekah Elmaloglou.


- Kate worked as a Jillaroo, on a sheep and cattle station in the Victorian High Country.

- Kate's Dad was also an Actor/Director and directed Terry Donovan (Doug Willis) in a play.

- She is a an avid Carlton FC supporter.

- Despite being the quintessential Australian woman, Kate was actually born in England.

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